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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Books for Parents on Trauma and Attachment

What are some of the books you have found most helpful in your journey. There are many parents out there who have little resources and feel alone. I thought today it would be great if we'd all share the books that have helped us the most.

Anything by Dr.Arthur Becker-Weidman to me is sound and helpful. To me he has a full understanding of parenting, trauma and therapeutic parenting and explains it in ways that are truly useful. Here is where your should begin: 


So parents! What are you reading?

Monday, January 9, 2012

The New Year outlook

Major post Christmas implosion here but recovering! I went with our daughter to visit my mother over New Years. Our youngest stayed home with dad as he is now working part time. I returned to a boy enraged. It was a tough week. It took a few days before he finally was calm enough to talk. We went right back to:

"I am not going to leave you."
"I love you so much and always will."
"I miss you when I'm gone and am happy to see you again."
"The little guy inside that was abandoned is telling you it is happening again. Use the `16 year old thinking to tell him he is safe."

And now he is back. If your child has had great healing and has a regression go back to what worked. It will work again and it will pass.