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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Books for Parents on Trauma and Attachment

What are some of the books you have found most helpful in your journey. There are many parents out there who have little resources and feel alone. I thought today it would be great if we'd all share the books that have helped us the most.

Anything by Dr.Arthur Becker-Weidman to me is sound and helpful. To me he has a full understanding of parenting, trauma and therapeutic parenting and explains it in ways that are truly useful. Here is where your should begin: 


So parents! What are you reading?


  1. Just picked up "When Love is Not Enough a guide to Parenting Children with RAD" from interlibrary loan. I was told by a counselor it was a good book to read.

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  4. Attachment, Trauma, and Healing (Levy, Orlans). Geared towards professionals but very useful for well-informed parents. It has been very helpful in my family.
    Parenting the Hurt Child (Gregory Keck) is my other go-to/must-have book.

  5. I didn't see a way to email you privately...I have just started my own blog about my "anxious attachment kid" and I linked your for my 'friends" who struggle more with reactive issues...I have admired your posts for a while and was one of the motivating reasons I felt called to start my own..please let me know if you'd rather not be linked...and I would like to offer you and your reader a link to my blog also..


    thank you for sharing and shedding light on this topic!!

  6. Thanks for the link! You are so right most parents feel so alone and terrified. We always second guess ourselves on if we handled a situation correctly. Thank you for helping out.


  7. This book is useful for parents who want to gain more knowledge about teaching and caring their children.

    Dolly @tefl training

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