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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Christmas + trauma = ?

Christmas is  a trigger for many children with past trauma issues. Fear or sadness drives much of their behavior. Here are a few reasons. Tomorrow we will talk about ways of dodging the fear bullets this season.

1. Old memories of Christmas' past, some bad, are stirred up. They may miss their "old family" or wonder what they are doing. They may fantasize about them.

2. The kids at school are wired. I think my kids feed off of that energy and just go one step further. If you picture a room full of hyper kids ours are the ones whose heads are popping up above the crowd as they leap on chairs and jump on other kids backs.

3. Warm fuzzies. Do you feel the warm fuzzies at times during Christmas? I do. When we turn on the lights to our tree. When I hear the Christmas carols. I just want to hug my whole family. Imagine those thoughts in a child afraid of love.

4.Changes in diet and schedule. The constant treats every where I go are TROUBLE for me and my diet. No problem for my boys. They shovel them in as fast as they can!! The programs have started and the parties will be soon. This means later nights.

Remember to take care of yourself. Take time away to enjoy this season and have yourself a Merry little Christmas. You really still can.

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