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Sunday, December 11, 2011

Proud of my heart

I was going to just post this picture but then I was afraid people would think I'm talking about me. I'm proud of my kids hearts. They just keep trying. I've had the stomach flu for a couple of days. We have only our youngest at home. He used to have a full blown case of RAD. He made me the best scrambled egg for dinner last night. He has been loving and attentive. I'm proud of your heart son!


  1. Beautiful! It is so encouraging to know RAD can heal and we just have to stick with therapeutic parenting.

  2. Hey Trauma Mama. I'm glad you came by. You have much to contribute. Yes. I agree. Therapeutic parenting makes a difference. Parenting from the heart.

  3. it is so inspiring to know RAD can cure and we just have to keep with healing nurturing.


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